What are the terms of Dubai tourist entry?


1- Once the entry is applied with the government of the UAE, the official entry fees are paid and cannot be refunded, regardless the outcome of the entry application.


2- The results of entry applications are the exclusive decision of the immigration department, approval or rejection cannot be controlled by any other party.


3- Once entry is applied, UTM cannot speed, or change the UAE entry process, it is an electronic process that goes smoothly without any interference.


4- Once issued, it is valid for entry within 60 days from date of issue (30 days for GCC entry).


5- The deadline for entry cannot be extended.


6- The length of stay inside the UAE is 14, 30 or 60 days depending on your request.

    entry can be extended after entry to the UAE, at an extra cost.


7- Do not book your flights or travel arrangements until your entry  issued, UTM and the UAE immigration are not liable for any charges, fees or costs that you will endure if your entry are delayed.


8- During COVID-19, checking the traveler responsibility is mandatory before your flight