14 days
Sinlge Entry
PriceSpecial Rate 100$ (equivalent to 367 DHS)
Valid for nationals of:
Egypt, Indian, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa, SriLanka Sudan.

Standard Rate 130$ (Equivalent to 477,10 DHS)
Valid for other nationalities.

Published Rate 205$ (Equivalent to 752.35 DHS) ---> NOW REDUCED to 199$ only.
Valid for nationals of:
Botswana, Congo, Ghana, Palestinian Authority (GCC Residents), Syria, Uganda, Yemen (GCC Residents) and Zimbabwe.

Tailored Rate 

250$ (917.50 DHS) for holders of passports of the Palestinian Authority

375$ (1376.25 DHS)
Valid for nationals of:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh
30 days30$ is added per person for 30 days visas.
90 days289$ is added per person for 90 days visas (Single entry)
Urgent Visas105$ is added per person for urgent processing (Equivalent to 385.35 DHS).
Exit guarantee 
409$ per person (Equivalent to 1,501 DHS).
The Exit Guarantee does not apply to everyone, each case is studied individually and we demand the guarantee only when necessary.
 also have several Waiver scenarios on this link.

90 days
 Multiple Entry
Price682$ (Equivalent to 2,500 DHS).
Exit guarantee
Not required.