How can I get Dubai entry?

1- Do you need an entry to enter UAE or not? Click here to check 

2- How much does Dubai entry cost? Check here 

3- Fill the entry application form (which is including Dubai entry terms and conditions) Click here to Apply 

4- UTM staff will contact you if any information is missing

5- UTM will email you an invoice with the entry fees

6- How to pay Dubai entry fees? 
You can pay by Credit/Debit card then it will reflect in our system immediately Pay to UTM by Credit Card through the Internet - Video 

7- When your entry is issued, we invoice the Exit Guarantee, you DO NOT have to pay the Exit Guarantee if you entered UAE twice or more in the last 12 months What is the Exit Guarantee 

8- Once the Exit Guarantee is paid (If it’s applied on your case) UTM will email you the entry  

9- During COVID-19 checking the traveler responsibility is mandatory before your flight For more Information, Press here