What is the Exit Guarantee for Dubai entry?

The UAE authorities DO NOT allow the extension of any tourist entry after it is applied, they also DO NOT allow you to stay inside the UAE longer than the period specified in your entry.


The EXIT GUARANTEE is designed to cover these situations


In any case that your over stay inside the UAE, you will be liable for 2 kinds of fees:




Over stay fees 100 DHS for the first day then 50 DHS for each extra day.

These fees are collected by the Dubai immigration at the airport when you exit.


Irregularity Case fees collected by the Dubai immigration from our company, these fees are paid by UTM once if the traveler overstays.

UTM charges you an Exit Guarantee in order to cover the legal fees in case you over stay.


The Exit Guarantee does not apply to everyone, each case is studied individually and we demand the guarantee only when necessary.
 also have several Waiver scenarios on: 
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Upon your exit from the UAE within the limits of your entry duration, UTM will refund the entire amount of your Exit Guarantee, we will refund the amount to your credit card.