Be our star....and your visa is free of charge

Submit a video of yourself saying "got my visa!" and we will refund the money you paid for your visa.

How it Works:

- Upload your video on this link:

- Be sure to mention your UTM File number

- If the video matches our technical requirements, it may be used in a promotional video which shows many customers "getting their visa".

- If you video is used, we will refund the money you paid, so, your visa will be free of charge

- This offer applies to standard 14 days and 30 days visas, urgent visas do not qualify.

- One free visa will be given per video.

Video Technical Requirements:

1- Video length maximum 5 seconds

2- You can shoot the video in selfie style, or your friend can film you

3- While saying "got my visa", you must hold your printed visa copy in your hand or your mobile with the UTM website on it.

3- The background must be one of these options:

            a- An open view of your city, this shows in which city you are living.

            b- A well known monument (like the Pyramids in Cairo, the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, etc..)

            c- A recognisable spot in your city (A hotel in Jeddah Entrance which contains the city (Hilton Jeddah) or a Cafe like Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh, etc...)

            d- Your company logo in the back, especially if it's a reputed well known company

Example video Framing:

Example 1

Example 2


We will use your 5 second video as part of a longer video which shows many customers who "got their visa".

The video will be played on our website and on social media advertisements.

We will not give your personal information to anyone (name, phone number, email), UTM will preserve your privacy.